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2023 Edition

TEDAI For Good Hackathon

2023 Winning Teams Summary


VoteWise developed an innovative app designed to guide you through the voting process. It provides personalized recommendations on candidates that align with your values and political preferences, complete with detailed justifications. The first version of VoteWise offers concise summaries of candidate information and features an interactive chat interface for user inquiries. To learn more about this civic tool, contact George London at

The team at SelfActualize.AI team created a unique platform for personal growth during the TEDAI Hackathon. This app connects you with AI versions of inspirational figures, offering motivation and accountability to help you reach your aspirations. Engage with your AI coaches through SMS, voicemail, and video on a frequent and long-term basis. The team has received strong validation for their vision and invites you to join their beta at For further information, reach out to Amit Bakshi at

Beanie the Bunny envisioned by the innovative minds at 'Fawn' startup, is a plush toy that interacts with children, helping them explore emotions and engage in imaginative play. Beanie responds to your child with age-appropriate dialogue and expressive movements. Following an enthusiastic reception at the hackathon, 'Fawn' is now accepting pre-orders to show investors the demand for screen-free, interactive toys. Support their mission by pre-ordering at or get in touch at

We are thrilled to share the highlights from our recent TEDAI event, a groundbreaking gathering held in San Francisco. Over an intense and inspiring 2-day hackathon, brilliant minds came together to harness the transformative power of AI for the greater good of the community. Here's a brief overview of the winning projects that emerged:

2023 Hackathon Details

The focus of this hackathon was to address societal challenges and improve people’s resiliency through the application of AI.

  • Can AI help us develop a climate resilience dashboard, enhance healthcare diagnostics, personalize education, or provide assistance to underserved communities?

  • How can we utilize AI to aid in humanitarian efforts, disaster response, and crisis management? 

  • Questions surrounding the use of AI for energy optimization, resource management, smart agriculture, waste reduction, and environmental monitoring to contribute to a more sustainable future. 

  • What is a way to enable better access to information and services for people with diverse abilities by using AI to develop assistive technologies and improve communication?

The United Nations resources around their Sustainable Development Goals open source data sets that are designed to address various social, economic, and environmental challenges faced by the world and to promote sustainable development holistically. 


Can you think of leveraging AI for better causes? We would love to hear from you.

Judges 2023

Judges will look at the tools you are using and how well your team addresses societal challenges and improves people’s resiliency through the application of AI.


Ph.D. Student in Computer Science, Stanford University


Computational Linguist


Principal Cloud Advocate, Microsoft


Co-Founder, LangChain


Chief Investment Officer, IRIS Family Office


Executive Director, Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Hackathon Partners

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