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AI Researcher at Google

Vivek Natarajan is a Research Scientist at Google leading research at the intersection of AI and biomedicine. In particular, Vivek is the lead researcher behind Med-PaLM and Med-PaLM 2, which were the first AI systems to obtain passing and expert level scores on US Medical License exam questions respectively. Med-PaLM was recently published in Nature and has been featured in The Scientific American, Wall Street Journal, The Economist among others. Over the years, Vivek’s research has been published in well-regarded journals and conferences and forms the basis for several regulated medical device products under clinical trials at Google, including the NHS AI award winning breast cancer detection system Mammo Reader and the skin condition classification system DermAssist. Prior to Google, Vivek worked on multimodal assistant systems at Facebook AI Research and published award winning research, was granted multiple patents and deployed AI models to products at scale with hundreds of millions of users.

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